David Wang

About me

Founding UPLUS REAL ESTATE in July 2019 is one of the best decisions David ever made. He has successfully provided a vehicle for their teams to pursue their own careers, as well as forming the foundation for lifelong friendships.

David Wang can be regarded as a senior housing management expert and has more than 8 years of professional real estate management experience and a commendable professional reputation.

He can understand the customer's needs the first time, and solve your troubles efficiently in a precise and diversified way.

As the owner, you should not bear pressure that does not belong to you when you need to rent/sell a property. At U Plus, we will work hard to help you maximise your benefits in a seamlessly linked way, and feel relaxed and happy in the process.

Try to create the best investment income for you without any worries.

To enjoy our high-quality, full-service, please contact us freely.